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Boost disaster awareness, plan for National Preparedness Month

This September is National Preparedness Month, a FEMA initiative encouraging community leaders, business owners and citizens to prepare for natural disasters.  … Read More

Can you depend on your disaster recovery strategy?

If you are trying to convince your associates that a disaster recovery solution is the best decision for the company, you must be confident that the suggested strategy will be comprehensive and dependable when employees and customers need resources most. … Read More

Business Leaders Can’t Let the Long Island Rail Road Strike Derail Their Goals

After months of threatening to follow through on their intentions to strike, workers on the Long Island Rail Road have called to pull their trains into the station indefinitely. Negotiations between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and labor unions fell through … Read More

CA Technologies Honors Continuity Centers

MIAMI – June 4, 2014 – Woodbury, NY-based firm Continuity Centers has received the ‘Managed Service Provider of the Year’ award for their managed business continuity and disaster recovery services at the CA arcserve Horizon Partner Summit in Miami. The … Read More

Business Continuity Week is March 17-21: Will it Bring More Awareness to Businesses?

It’s still surprising that far too many businesses don’t bother with a business continuity plan to prepare for disasters. Even after high-profile natural disasters in the news this last year, chances are far too many businesses still won’t plan enough … Read More

Minimizing Down Time: Disaster Recovery for Businesses

How will you keep your business going in the event of a disaster? What do you need to keep moving forward when a flood, power outage, or other incident strikes? Part of your disaster recovery plan should include a plan … Read More

Why Generator Delivery Can Benefit You Over Owning a Generator On Your Own

Have you ever considered the prospect of generator delivery being a part of your business continuity plan in the event a disaster wipes out your business? Some businesses may think buying a standby or backup generator for natural disasters is an essential … Read More

Data Replication Can Enhance Business Operations

One of the best ways for a company to prepare for operating after a tragedy is with data replication.  This is the process of copying a company’s data base to a separate server.  It is designed so both servers have … Read More

Business Continuity: Should You Consult With Others Who’ve Successfully Gone Through Disasters?

When constructing a business continuity plan, the process of determining how your business would function in a disaster can be a bit of a guessing game. While you can be prepared for things that are likely to happen, what about … Read More

Generator Delivery Provides Peace of Mind with Uninterrupted Service for Your Business Operations

Funny thing about a backup power generator is you never want to make the investment in one until you see the weather reports start to trickle in warning of impending natural disaster. Usually right around that time, the home improvement … Read More

A Good Business Continuity Plan Starts with Being Realistic About Disasters

Business continuity is something that far too many businesses aren’t implementing in a time when natural disasters are growing. But sometimes businesses get nervous thinking about planning for disasters and usually think of the worst possible scenarios first, says CRN. … Read More

Full Immersion Disaster Recovery Simulation Test

Released November 4th, 2013 Attention Financial Institutions Test Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Full Immersion Disaster Recovery Simulation Test Regulatory agencies require all financial institutions to have a business continuity plan in place and, at a minimum, to … Read More