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What’s the Diff: 3-2-1 vs. 3-2-1-1-0 vs. 4-3-2

Backblaze recently released a great article discussing the differences between different data protection strategies that our CEO, Gregory R. Tellone, recently discussed with Backblaze’s VP of Sales, Nilay Patel, in this VeeamON 2021 video. The traditional 3-2-1 rule for protecting your backup data has been the industry standard for decades, and proved sufficient for protecting […]

Instant Recovery from Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attack

While we do not use the Kaseya VSA product, many of our clients and partners use it and were significantly impacted by the Independence Day ransomware attack. Because our Veeam backups are immutable and stored on Security Hardened Linux Repositories, all backups were protected from the attack and our team quickly launched our incident response […]

The ABCs of Network Security

Network security is a broad topic – really broad. To read through an entire book of various “security” this and “malware” that might be helpful to some people, but it’s pretty boring to just about everyone else. Instead, we decided to compile a useful guide consisting of the most important network security terms you should […]