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Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Business continuity is our specialty. Our Instant Business Recovery (IBR) solution guarantees you have a team of technology experts proactively protecting your business from worst-case scenarios. From cyber threats to human errors, server malfunctions, and natural disasters, we can help you eliminate the fear of facing downtime. With fully managed high availability and instant recovery options, and air-gapped ransomware data protection utilizing our expanded 4-3-2-3-0 rule, our proven recovery solutions provide security for your data and the fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) available.

Why Choose Us?

With the Instant Business Recovery solution from Continuity Centers, you can be confident your technology is always available!

High-Speed Recovery

From a single image-based backup, Veeam provides a wide range of capabilities that can help you tackle virtually any recovery scenario.

Verified Recoverability

Guaranteed recovery of every file, application or virtual server by running automated recovery verification jobs.

Complete Visibility

Troubleshoot performance, manage data regulatory-compliance requirements and uncover potential issues before operational impact.


Leverage your backups and replicas to mitigate the risks associated with application deployment, by testing changes in a production-like environment.

Data Loss

Avoid data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPO) of <15 minutes and built-in, streamlined disaster recovery.

Appliance Obsolescence Protection

Partnering with us means you’ll be eligible for free recovery appliance upgrades for as long as you remain a client.

Quarterly Recovery Exercises

These tests provide invaluable insights for areas of improvement in your organization’s business continuity strategy and will help you stay compliant.

Fully Managed

Lacking the technical resources to manage a mundane IT task? Our 24x7x365 monitoring and management team ensures that your backups are always successful.

Our Veeam-Powered Solutions

Ransomware Protection

Completely isolate your backups from your production network to protect them from ransomware with air-gapped and immutable backups. Immutability is a Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology that ensures the backups cannot be deleted, modified or encrypted for the length of your retention policy. Your immutable backups at Continuity Centers are immediately sent to our Backblaze S3 Immutable Object Storage, providing you with geographically diverse, network isolated backups.

Immutable Off-site Data Protection

We increase the 3-2-1 rule to 4-3-2-3-0, ensuring you always have four copies of your data, on three different sets of media, two being off-site and all three are immutable, with 0 backup errors. Continuity Centers make it easy to extend your Veeam-protected devices to our Veeam® Cloud Connect repositories and includes testing of your data, workloads, and applications in a fully isolated virtual sandbox with complete anti-virus scanning of your servers when restoring.

Office 365 and SaaS Protection

Eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams, so that your data is always protected and accessible. We can help you executing full-or partial-site failover to an off-site repository.

Managed RTO

Thousand of companies do data backup but we do it differently! We bundle in Disaster Recovery solutions with Managed RTO. Continuity Centers offers 24/7 managed recovery and concierge services, quarterly recovery exercises, real-time replication, and assured recovery testing and RTO SLA of <1 hour.

Remote Workers’ Data Protection

Protecting information is challenging when it’s on a remote worker’s laptop. However, workstations, laptops, and other devices can contain critical data, some stored locally, which requires backup in case of data loss, corruption, or disaster.

Azure, AWS, Google "Out-of-Cloud" Data Protection

Production workloads are rapidly moving to public clouds. Veeam and Continuity Centers offer a solution to support backup and instances of servers and databases within and from these clouds, at scale, ensuring you always have an Out-of-Cloud protected copy of your infrastructure.

“With our disaster recovery plan in place, we did not skip a beat. We were able to do what was necessary for our company. The staff at Continuity Centers are extremely helpful; if we asked for something, they were immediately there to attend to our needs.”

Brenda Walker Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cedar Realty Trust

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