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Continuity Centers Testimonials

Your Success is Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is total IT satisfaction for our clients.

“The beauty of working with Continuity Centers – which is what I enjoy most – is that it gives us the freedom to focus on our business and not worry about the technology end of it.”
Brett Rosenberg
PayPro Corporation, CIO
“Continuity Centers staff were wonderful folks to work with. They’re really supportive, behind our mission, and they have a great attitude. They rolled up their sleeves and really helped us.”
Penny Neferis, Director, Care and
Emergency Response, JetBlue Airways
“Continuity Centers helps us leverage a lot more resources. To do the same job that they do for us would cost us a tremendous amount. As a result, we’re much better as an organization.”
Art Prifti
Accommodations Plus International, IT Director
“The staff at Continuity are extremely helpful. If we ask for something, they’re immediately there to meet our needs. With our disaster recovery in place, we didn’t skip a beat.”
Brenda Walker
Cedar Realty Trust, VP and COO
“Partnering with Continuity Centers has to be the best decision I’ve ever made in my career. We have the confidence that, no matter what happens, we’ll still be up and running.”
Louis Caravella
Vice President and Partner, Four Star Services Salon, Inc.