Continuity Centers

Instant Recovery from Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attack

While we do not use the Kaseya VSA product, many of our clients and partners use it and were significantly impacted by the Independence Day ransomware attack. Because our Veeam backups are immutable and stored on Security Hardened Linux Repositories, all backups were protected from the attack and our team quickly launched our incident response plan for each affected customer. Recovery efforts were started within minutes using our Secure Restore technology, which scans each server for malicious code, prior to it being powered on. Our Instant Recovery service had the servers online within minutes, located on an isolated network. Our security analysts then worked with each customer to ensure the servers were ready to be brought back on to the production network. Most of our customers were fully online within minutes to hours of the attack with the outliers being brought online over the weekend, while they worked to secure the remainder of their network.

If you’re backups are not yet immutable and stored on isolated networks, contact us today to learn how we can protect you with Immutable Backups.

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