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How Confident Are You in Your Technology? Learn How MSPs Make the Difference


Expert IT professionals at your service

If you’re a small or mid-sized business, it’s unrealistic to expect your IT department to have expert knowledge in all facets of technology. By using a managed IT services solution from Continuity Centers, you gain the knowledge of a team of dedicated IT professionals, each with more than 16 years of experience in the industry.

With a partner like Continuity Centers, you have the relationship of a small business service provider with the knowledge and experience of a Fortune 500.

Leveraging the expertise of an MSP creates the opportunity for you to dedicate your time and energy to the work you enjoy, knowing your technology is running seamlessly in the background. While you brainstorm new ideas to take your business to the next level, Continuity Centers is perfecting the technology to make it happen.

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Embrace cost-saving technology

Your business is a dynamic force, experiencing ebbs and flows that have the potential to strain your IT budget. When business unexpectedly booms, you might be left scrambling to manage your influx of IT needs. When the rush slows, you could be left with costly, unused resources. With Continuity Centers as your Managed IT services provider, you’ll have scalable IT solutions that match the level of service you need, saving you money on short-term solutions. Eliminate unused IT resources and only pay for the services you need.

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How much time does your IT staff spend on low ROI activities? Transferring non-revenue producing tasks to your MSP gives your IT staff the time to focus on building solutions to generate profit. By freeing your internal staff from the often mundane (yet essential) day-to-day IT operations, you allow them an opportunity to create innovative ways to manage current offerings and create new income-generating technology. It’s a win-win!

Create a consistent IT budget with tailored technology. Using one-size-fits-all technology might get the job done, but you want more for your business. Imagine having technology custom-fit to your needs, your goals, and your priorities. Utilizing managed IT services allows you the opportunity to thrive as a business owner, spending money on what you need, and saving money on the things you don’t.

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Experience security

Leave your work at the office, confident your network is being actively monitored for threats, 24/7/365. Before you even realize there’s a problem, Continuity Centers is working to fix it. We are committed to proactive monitoring rather than reactive problem-solving. On-demand support has you covered, providing real-time answers to any and all technology concerns.

43 percent of cyber attacks
– Small Business Trends

While you’re sleeping, reaping the reward of a hard day’s work, cybercriminals are lurking. These ne’er-do-wells are looking for any potential network weakness to exploit. At Continuity Centers, we don’t sleep. We are constantly protecting your business — your livelihood — from a myriad of potential threats. When you arrive at the office each morning, well rested, you’ll never know the calamity that could have been. Because we know our stuff, Continuity Centers has you covered.

You’re ready to grow; is your technology?

In an age dictated by technological prowess, success is almost always dependent upon your technology, in some way. You have a product or service that can change your community, state, and beyond. Don’t let clunky technology limit your potential to grow. Continuity Centers is here to partner with you and ensure your technology supports your desire to grow by operating efficiently, securely, and affordably.

If there were no limits to what your technology could do, how could your company grow? Imagine your dream supported by technology managed by experts. Your dream leaves the realm of “if only,” and becomes a reality when you choose Continuity Centers for managed IT services.

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