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Is your data protected from ransomware?


The cybersecurity landscape

If you had a dollar for every report detailing the recent effects of ransomware on global businesses, you could close shop today and retire in comfort. Ransomware is a major issue threatening cybersecurity around the world. According to, “more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of 2016. That’s a 300% increase over 2015, where 1,000 ransomware attacks were seen per day.”

You realize ransomware is a threat, but do you know how to fight it? You have a couple of options. You could use a software solution for backup, or you could trust a managed service provider with your backup and recovery. Let’s discuss why we think you should pick the latter.

Data backup solution: them

When you choose a competitor’s backup appliance or software package, you’re hoping it works. The technology used by most backup solutions relies on a few inefficiencies you should be aware of before entrusting them with your critical business data.

Ransomware stat

Inefficiency 1. Your backup runs at night when your IT staff has gone home for the day. Should a backup failure occur, your team isn’t able to address the problem until the next business day. Unfortunately, at this point, you might have lost several days of data. To further the problem, if any business production problems occur before your team address the failed backup, your data loss could continue to snowball.

Inefficiency 2. Your backup data is vulnerable to malicious encryption. Believe it or not, many providers or software solutions don’t account for the vulnerability of your backup data due to shared networks. If your backup server gets infected or if your backup data is stored on a shared network that’s accessible by an infected machine, ransomware can encrypt your data.

Inefficiency 3. Unnecessary, expensive, and apt to expire appliances. Paying for appliances that are too large in the event you might need them one day leads businesses to waste money more often than not. By the time you need the space, updated technology can render your appliance an expensive paperweight.

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Data backup solution: us

Customers who choose Continuity Centers for their backup and recovery needs are afforded an experience worlds apart from the above. We address the following efficiencies with expert knowledge and topnotch customer service. Here’s how:

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Efficiency 1. Our 24/7 Service Delivery Center is ensuring your backup works at all times. We won’t let a backup failure cost you days of lost data. When a problem arises, our team immediately creates a solution.

Efficiency 2. Our hardened backup appliance and multiple offsite cloud backup copies prevent your backup data from becoming compromised. In other words, your data is backed up. And, your backed-up data is backed up. Your information is protected at every level.

Efficiency 3. We provide the backup appliance you need and replace it when you’ve outgrown it. Say goodbye to wasted time and money spent on storage solutions.

Continuity Centers is dedicated to engineering freedom for our clients. In order to accomplish that, we take an essential business need, cybersecurity, and perfect the process of providing it. Our polished approach eliminates the inefficiencies of others to create the best solution for your business.

Take a moment to think about the current state of your network security. Do you have backups in place in case an employee accidentally clicks a link in a malicious email?

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Reports of W-2 phishing emails increased 870% in 2017, according to the IRS. Your well-meaning staff sets out to start taxes, and in an instant, your business is vulnerable. If you do have backups in place, have those backups been tested to ensure functionality? Thinking about network security proactively could save your business irreparable damage.

The prey versus the protected

Unfortunately, the threat to your business is sophisticated and designed for maximum damage. Luckily, the good guys are still more skilled in the art of data protection. Call us today to learn how we can protect your business so you don’t fall prey to growing cybercrime.

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