Continuity Centers

Minimizing Down Time: Disaster Recovery for Businesses

How will you keep your business going in the event of a disaster? What do you need to keep moving forward when a flood, power outage, or other incident strikes? Part of your disaster recovery plan should include a plan to recoup as quickly as possible and get back online. Because every day counts, it is important to have a plan in place to get up and running as soon as possible after an event.

Here are some things you can do or have in place to plan for such an unexpected event so you can keep going when disaster strikes:

  • Have an alternate work space set up. In the event of a disaster that temporarily shuts down your systems, you need to be able to keep working. Having an alternate space to continue will keep your business going while the disaster recovery is going on. These alternative solutions are knows as “continuity centers” and are becoming more popular as a real business solution in the event of a shut down.
  • Have a secure data backup solution. Needless to say data can be endangered by a shut down, whether electrical or otherwise. It is important to have a valid backup plan to house data while the problem is being resolved. Customers should feel that your business will have some sort of continuity, despite the temporary shut down of your regular servers and other equipment.
  • Have a plan for work group recovery. When you are operating on a network, it is possible and even likely that your entire work group will experience problems at the same time. Getting your work group up and working again is an essential part of avoiding business down time.
  • 24/7 Tech support a must. Equally important is the ability to talk to IT support crew in the event of a disaster. Having a direct line of communication both during the down time and afterwards will prevent any set backs or other issues stemming from the initial problem. In the event of a disaster, it is important to make a seamless transition and keep “business as usual” as much as possible.

You never know when disaster will strike. Whether it be a natural event like a flood or tornado, an earthquake, or electrical malfunction, it is essential to have a disaster recovery plan. Within this plan, you should include having a remote work space, a way to get work stations back online and functioning, and access to expert IT support during and after the event. If you are searching for a full disaster recovery solution for your business, contact us. We are in the business of keeping businesses going, no matter what the disaster. Because your customers are counting on you.

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