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Business Continuity Week is March 17-21: Will it Bring More Awareness to Businesses?

It’s still surprising that far too many businesses don’t bother with a business continuity plan to prepare for disasters. Even after high-profile natural disasters in the news this last year, chances are far too many businesses still won’t plan enough for something similar. The reason for that is likely complacency, particularly if any of the recent natural disasters didn’t happen anywhere near them. It’s easy to think nothing will ever happen just because nothing has before.

This lack of foresight in creating a business continuity plan may eventually change thanks to the Business Continuity Institute. This March, they’ll be setting up a Business Continuity Week that aims to give global awareness of how important business continuity planning is to every business. As part of this, they’ll be offering various webinars that businesses worldwide can watch and learn from about what can be done to get started.

The basic theme for this awareness week is “Counting the Cost” where the focus goes on what the costs could be if you don’t plan for disasters. Based on the topics covered in the webinars, it may be a real wake up call for businesses still sitting on the fence.

Webinar Subjects and Live Events

While most of Business Continuity Week will be through webinars, a couple of live events will take place around the world. Continuity Centers will be hosting an event at our location in Woodbury, NY on March 20th featuring Penny Neferis of JetBlue Airways speaking on how we’ve Partnered for Preparedness. Find out more here and Register to be a part of this enlightening presentation.

Other events will be held worldwide. One to note will be in the U.K. at the Milton Keynes Business Resilience Forum on March 19, says Continuity Central. Canada is also going to be holding some live events to remind of the importance of business continuity in every country.

You’ll see subjects covering the costs of poor communication, resilience, short term insurance, supplies, then ending with a more direct “counting the cost” lecture. We highly recommend your own business watching these webinars to learn about the severe costs your business may take not preparing for the unexpected.

It’s also worth helping in the cause to get the word out about Business Continuity Week. The Business Continuity Institute has a page where you can help promote the cause yourself. They even provide three free infographics you can send to your fellow business associates that help describe the importance of business continuity.

Here at Continuity Centers, we hope you take this in and then take action by using us to help you design that business continuity plan. We not only help design it for you, we can help manage it as well.

Contact us after you take in Business Continuity Week and let us get you prepared for any type of event to avoid devastating losses due to downtime.

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