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Why Generator Delivery Can Benefit You Over Owning a Generator On Your Own

Have you ever considered the prospect of generator delivery being a part of your business continuity plan in the event a disaster wipes out your business? Some businesses may think buying a standby or backup generator for natural disasters is an essential purchase. However, what happens when your entire location is destroyed ina hurricane, earthquake, or flood? While you might be able to still rescue a backup generator and take it to another location, having a generator delivered to you would make your life much easier.

Here at Continuity Centers, we provide generator delivery as part of our continuity services to all businesses. This is available throughout the country for the times when your business is out of commission and you have to relocate to another state.

Even if you decide to take a generator with you in tow, the benefits of generator delivery are going to exceed investing in your own generator.

Owning a Generator Costs You More

It’s not cheap to buy a generator for your own, or to have it installed on your premises either. A generator powerful enough to power your business can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  This also doesn’t include the cost to run it and the natural gas it consumes. Depending on the cost of gas when a disaster hits, it could cost you considerably when your business is already hurting.

By allowing us to deliver generators to you, you’re already saving money. You’ll also be able to move to another location without hauling a generator you managed to salvage. When you arrive to your place of relocation, we’ll make sure our generators are there for you ready to use.

Maintaining a Generator Takes Extra Time

Businesses that ultimately buy a generator also don’t take into consideration the amount of upkeep they need. When in continuous use during an outage, the filter may have to be changed after a couple of days, plus the oil. The motor brushes may get overworked as well and may require maintenance before it can even be turned on.

Through our generator delivery, we can assure you that our generators will be in perfect working order to eliminate worry about them failing on you. We’ll also do everything we can to maintain them if they need to be used beyond a certain amount of days.

Overall, it’s an option that you won’t find with many other business continuity planning services. Regardless, we consider ourselves different here at Continuity Centers. We provide some of the best and most comprehensive methods in the country to keep your business going during the worst disasters.

Contact us so we can tell you more about how we deliver generators to locations nationwide. No longer will you have to worry about getting back on your feet if your business becomes completely displaced due to the worst circumstances.

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