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Full Immersion Disaster Recovery Simulation Test

Released November 4th, 2013

Attention Financial Institutions
Test Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
Full Immersion Disaster Recovery Simulation Test

Regulatory agencies require all financial institutions to have a business continuity plan in place and, at a minimum, to test the plan annually. Regulators are most interested in a financial institutions planning and assessment of the risks involved in a wide range of business interruption events.

Continuity Centers and Agility have partnered with The Navis Group to offer this simulation to help institutions comply with their requirements and take their business continuity planning process one step further – making your table top testing a bit more realistic.

During the day, participants will be confronted with a simulated cyber attack impacting the region,including attacks on our basic infrastructure – power, telecommunications and the Internet. The simulation will incorporate elements of a developing and growing crisis, complete with “unknowns” and the need to react, respond and communicate. The role of military, intelligence and other essential government agencies will be factored in.

NOW you will have the opportunity to experience a disaster, without one actually occurring. Attend this one-of-a kind event at our Woodbury, NY facility on November 4th. Save your institution from being unprepared should a disaster strike!

This Simulation Event qualifies as an annual simulation or round table test for your auditing requirements.

Benefits Include:

  • Updates on regulatory expectations
  • Learning first-hand how to deal effectively with the paralysis brought on by an extended power outage
  • Improving your planning skills – a business process planning template will be provided as a “takeaway”
  • Gaining a better understanding of the impact a disaster has on employees, vendors and the community
  • All participants will receive post-workshop documentation for your Business Continuity Plan documentation

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