Industry-specific requirements in business continuity

Although many of the more prominent trends in IT to proliferate throughout the past few years have impacted a range of industries similarly, each business has to take a unique approach to management and deployment to get the job done correctly.

Underlying necessities in disaster recovery, business continuity

Not so long ago, officials in Washington and leaders of small business advocacy groups warned that the average entrepreneur was far behind the eight ball with respect to disaster recovery and continuity.

Preparing for a hurricane

Hurricane season has already begun, and it is only a matter of time before the first major event of the season strikes the East Coast of the United States.

Getting wise with DR

Disaster recovery is one of the more challenging aspects of business management today, as risks evolve quickly, vulnerabilities can arise with virtually no notice and forecasting major events is never an exact science.

Four Star Survives Sandy

Learn firsthand from Louis Caravella, Vice President &…

Extreme weather continues to threaten continuity

Man-made downtime has become a bit more common of a threat of late, as lackluster management of IT and general operations will tend to yield vulnerabilities that can then cause disruption.

Data management comprehension key to continuity

As business leaders who have been around for more than a decade have probably noticed already, the best practices of disaster recovery and continuity have evolved significantly as time has gone on.

Helpful guidance in disaster recovery planning

Downtime has become one of the greater threats to corporate operational continuity in the past few years, and so many different types of issues can directly lead to major problems with IT department functionality and general processes in other areas of business.

More evidence that DR must be a priority

Not so long ago, federal agencies were urging small business owners to begin taking disaster recovery and continuity planning a bit more seriously, and for good reason.

Learning disaster recovery best practices from the tough industries

Certain industries and sectors have been faced with more complex business continuity and disaster recovery demands than others, most notably those that have a wider diversity and more intense reliance upon various technologies.