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Reason to attend CPE Event No. 3: Meeting the professionals

This is the third segment of a five-part series in which we countdown the reasons to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE Event hosted by Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery.

In today’s rapidly transforming and increasingly volatile private sector, business leaders are tasked with balancing a proverbial universe of responsibilities, which has been no easy pursuit. Because of how quickly technology has evolved and trends move from being optional to requirements of operating in the modern era, the focus has been significantly shifted toward IT, further increasing the pressureĀ on decision-makers to strike the right chords in stride.

As necessity is the mother of invention, managed service providers and IT vendors have been critical supporters of business owners in recent years, and this is likely to be the case for decadesĀ to come. In the realm of disaster recovery and operational continuity, these firms have been even more vital. This brings us to our No. 3 reason to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and Contingency Planning Exchange this June – you will be able to meet the experts and professionals from Continuity Centers who can help empower your strategies.

Continuity Centers overview
We have worked hard to master the art and science of disaster recovery and continuity for roughly 15 years now, which puts us in a unique position given our experiences throughout the dramatic evolution that has taken place since we began. Since the start, Continuity Centers has been focused on the development and execution of services and strategies that will ensure the integrity of client operations regardless of obstacles, challenges, complexities and threats.

Join us at this event to meet our experts and build a strong continuity-based partnership.
Join us at this event to meet our experts and build a strong continuity-based partnership.

Because recovery only became a highly common and widely accepted component of corporate strategies a little less than a decade ago, we have seen the ways in which the movement has evolved from the ground up. Another strategic differentiator here is our ability to deliver comprehensive recovery and continuity services, with data, servers, power generators, dial-tone and dedicated workspaces for employees all being on the table.

In short, we are a powerful partner to our clients in the continuity and recovery game.

Learn from the professionals
We invite you to join us for the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE events June 17, and we look forward to speaking with you one-on-one about business continuity, disaster recovery, your needs and the best options to protect your business from any and all threats that might come to pass.

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