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Reason to attend CPE Event No. 1: Check out the Mobile Recovery Unit!

This is the fifth segment of a five-part series in which we count down the reasons to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE Event hosted by Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery.

We hope that the first four segments of this series gave you enough reason to get on board with attending our Fifth Annual Open House and Contingency Planning Exchange Event on June 17. However, there is one small – scratch that – tremendous draw we have not spoken about in depth yet, and this brings us to our final reason in this countdown to participating in the events that are to come – being able to check out a Mobile Recovery Unit.

As we have asserted throughout this series, there is no substitute for a working knowledge of the intricacies of continuity when it comes to building and executing a flawless strategy to protect processes from disruption. The ability to tour one of these MRUs will work to not only further increase your working knowledge of the backend technology involved in recovery, but why Continuity Centers is a strong choice to provide you with these services.

MRUs: Believe the hype
When you attend the Open House, you will be able to tour both the Workgroup Facilities we have that will show you firsthand the types of support you will receive when a disaster comes to pass, as well as the MRUs. MRUs are what we use when the most serious of disasters come to pass – often those that make accessing the office either unlikely or impossible.

Now, we know that companies are indeed becoming a bit less tethered to the physical workplace, but this does not mean that an event which knocks out the facility will not still be extremely disruptive. As such, MRUs will be deployed to help businesses sustain normal productivity and operational performance in the face of these disaster situations, while both of these components tie into the hands-on, simulation-based learning experience all attendees will enjoy.

From getting ideas about your own potential fortifications and continuity plans to seeing how disaster recovery should be handled by experts in the field, the MRUs will certainly be a sticking point for participants.

See you there!
We hope you enjoyed this series, and check back for more on the event leading up to June 17. Remember, knowledge is power in recovery and continuity, and we intend to teach you everything you need to know to excel.

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