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Reason to attend CPE Event No. 2: Simulations are the keys to successful recovery

This is the fourth segment of a five-part series in which we countdown the reasons to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE Event hosted by Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery.

Even when a company crafts the most comprehensive, intelligent and proverbially perfect continuity and recovery plan, it will be unlikely to really help without testing and simulation. No one can really know how a strategy is going to work until they see it clearly in action, and this is especially true for the technologies in place meant to maintain continuity, as well as the ways in which employees perform under duress.

This is why simulation is among the most critical pieces of the continuity puzzle, and one that takes a lot of expert guidance to get right. For example, a proper simulation would not simply mean pulling the fire alarm. Rather, a more comprehensive simulation that shows impacts to technologies and evokes natural responses among users will be key. This brings us to our second-to-last post in our countdown of reasons to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and Contingency Planning Exchange event hosted by Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery, and this is simulation.

The real experience
Attendees will get opportunities to understand disaster recovery and continuity on a deeper level through a simulation, and will also enjoy the hands-on element involved. After all, you could just open YouTube and find a video that simulates a disaster and how a business reacts, but will this actually help you to get the strategy right in your own business?

Simulations will improve your understanding of continuity.
Simulations will improve your understanding of continuity.

We think not. Rather, there is no substitute for hands-on learning that puts you right into the situation, and moves along slowly enough for you to formulate your own thoughts and opinions on how these challenges will impact your company and what will need to be done to get top marks in this category. Participants will also get to see a Mobile Recovery Unit, which is used in real-life to help companies maintain productivity amid a disastrous situation, further broadening their horizons with respect to continuity expertise.

A sound decision
Education is everything in recovery and continuity, and the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE event will help to strengthen your real-life and applicable knowledge regarding these topics to ensure you survive the next major threat to operations.

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