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Three Business Leaders discuss their recovery experience at Continuity Centers

Continuity Centers – Providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services, since 1999. When Superstorm Sandy struck the east coast, many businesses were not prepared and many of those are no longer in business today. Not only were our clients prepared … Read More

Why Generator Delivery Can Benefit You Over Owning a Generator On Your Own

Have you ever considered the prospect of¬†generator delivery¬†being a part of your business continuity plan in the event a disaster wipes out your business? Some businesses may think buying a standby or backup generator for natural disasters is an essential … Read More

Generator Delivery as Part of Agility Recovery: Why You Should Use it as an Option

Have you ever needed to depend on generator delivery as part of a business continuity program after a disaster? Businesses that have experience with the worst natural disasters can likely tell you plenty of stories about either keeping their business … Read More