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Generator Delivery as Part of Agility Recovery: Why You Should Use it as an Option

Have you ever needed to depend on generator delivery as part of a business continuity program after a disaster? Businesses that have experience with the worst natural disasters can likely tell you plenty of stories about either keeping their business going or horrific stories of being out of commission for weeks. You simply don’t want that to happen to your business, which is why business continuity planning here at Continuity Centers should be on your priority list.

When you need generators or other equipment to be delivered to you, take a look at what we offer by partnering with a company called Agility Recovery.

Agility Recovery Background

Once known as GE Disaster Recovery Services, Agility Recovery is now one of the nation’s leaders in responding to disasters and helping businesses during crisis. Our partnering with Agility will give you a comprehensive business continuity plan that helps you in any particular disaster situation. And Agility’s offerings may be things some businesses don’t initially think to implement, even though Continuity Centers provides so much for you already.

Just what does Agility Recovery provide that’s different from our other plans? The key point is they deliver to you.

The Importance of Generators

While we provide workgroup continuity centers and backup solutions to your business during times of crisis, it’s easy to forget how important electricity is. When power lines are down over a wide area, it’s always possible that backups won’t be in perfect working order. That’s where generators come into play. Agility provides generators from strategic locations around the United States whenever you need them.

Yes, we know that with the occasional wide swath of disaster, you may have to move your business to another state where our generators will keep you going.

Other Services Available

Agility also offers convenient delivery services to you in the chance that you can’t take the time to move to another location. They’ll deliver the exact IT equipment that you might need if your equipment is destroyed. Agility also offers additional workgroup recovery options, including mobile office space in the scenario of having to move farther to avoid a recurrence of disaster.

You should also know that Agility provides perhaps the second most important recovery tool next to generators: Satellites. When Internet lines are destroyed due to earthquakes and phone lines are also down, our satellite technology will get you connected again in no time.

As well, we provide the most crucial element to help you keep your business running when it’s necessary: Recovering your data in less than 60 seconds after a simple phone call.

Contact us so we can show you a comprehensive list of everything we provide in our continuity plans. Teaming up with Agility has made us the most powerful business continuity center you’ll find on the east coast of the United States. When your business goes down in a disaster, you’ll be glad you chose Continuity Centers when you’re up and running without wasting valuable time.

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