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Workgroup Recovery: The Methods of Restoring Employee Operations

How do you define a workgroup recovery, and how does it work when you want it to? In the world of business continuity, you’ll sometimes find assurances for the protection of internal data, even if those frequently need a backup to the backup in times when disasters strike. What about tangible items, though, such as your computers and other equipment necessary to keep your company going? Where do you go if your headquarters is completely unusable after a natural or man-made disaster?

That’s where the definition of a workgroup recovery plan comes in.

Here at Continuity Centers, we provide different options to helping your company regroup in a physical location when it’s necessary. But you have to plan in advance to choose the right location so you’ll be able to immediately go there when the time comes.

Working from Different Locations

Many workgroup recovery plans provide outlying offices where your employees can gather and keep business operations going. These frequently contain all the equipment you need so telecommunications can work easily among all your employees. This works when roads are inaccessible and employees can’t meet all in one place.

Here at Continuity Centers, we offer many local continuity centers around the United States, including Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. We also provide all the necessary office equipment you’ll need so your employees will never be in the dark, literally or figuratively.

Providing Custom Recovery Sites

Most workgroup recovery systems provide privately dedicated locations that are customed to suit your business. These can be an excellent option when you’re not sure if the other choices would be suitable during a time of a disaster. It’s also one way where all of your business operations can be in one place, even if there’s still the possibility some of your employees would have to use an outlying location.

Continuity Centers provides private, dedicated seats that are monitored and cared for during the year. We also provide them at select locations nationwide.

Shared Locations

This more affordable option is for the business that doesn’t mind sharing a recovery space with other people. During a time of disaster, working together is essential, and sharing needed office space might be necessary when all the other options aren’t available. It’s a balanced option that businesses shouldn’t necessarily shut out.

We offer shared locations around the country with equipment that’s assured to always be working. This includes an Internet line that we’ll make sure stays on.

The Magic of Mobile

One of the greatest features of workgroup recovery systems is when equipment is delivered to you. When your business can’t go anywhere else, having equipment sent to you at your headquarters or in a nearby location can help you get back on your feet instantly. It also helps when that mobile service is available across the nation.

Continuity Centers has an excellent mobile service that will be there for you when it’s necessary. And while all these options may need contingency plans when disaster comes into play, we hope we’ll be your only choice for business continuity analysis, implementation and planning.

Contact us to learn about our workgroup recovery pricing plans and to discuss which options may work best for you.

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