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What Data Recovery Means To Your Business

No matter the field a business is in, data is a huge part of its operations. There is no getting around the fact that data has to be used in modern business in order to make operations work as well as they are supposed to. Loss of that very same data can be terrible for the business and its customers alike, and no company is immune. 

Take this piece of a story from NBC News about data loss at Bank of America as an example: 

Bank of America C

orp. has lost computer data tapes containing personal information on up to 1.2 million federal employees, including some members of the U.S. Senate.

The lost data includes Social Security numbers and account information that could make customers of a federal government charge card program vulnerable to identity theft.

Companies of all sizes are at risk which is why it is important to look at data recovery options. There are services out there that can fully manage your data recovery any time it goes missing. Data can be recovered in as little as 60 seconds, which helps prevent you from falling deeper into the problem of lost data.

Keep in mind the public image that goes out when a company loses their customer’s data. Clearly, when a company does this, the customers are not going to be as trusting of that company in the future. Losing customer trust is something that brings a lot of businesses down. It is something that you want to avoid.

Thinking that data loss cannot happen to you or that it would be a minor problem are two big mistakes. You have to prepare for this kind of thing ahead of time. Contact us with any questions you might have in regards to this.

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