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Use Managed Infrastructure to Reach New Heights

If you’re a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Managing day-to-day business operations along with strategy for growth can leave you spent. Adding concern about infrastructure capabilities to your list of to-dos can be overwhelming. Simply put, is time spent worrying about changing infrastructure needs the most productive use of your time?

Utilizing an MSP who specializes in infrastructure as a service can minimize technology spend, provide scalability and agility, and enhance your business offerings. When your business grows, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor rather than worry about whether or not your technology can keep up with demand. Trusting your infrastructure needs to a team of experts who are well versed in scalability allows you freedom to focus on growth.

What motivates you to consider trusting an MSP with your infrastructure needs? Most commonly, companies look to an MSP to cut costs, manage capacity, scale solutions, and provide disaster recovery and business continuity.

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of moving to the IaaS model is lower infrastructure costs. No longer do organizations have the responsibility of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing old equipment. IaaS also saves enterprises from having to buy more capacity to deal with sudden business spikes. 

Another benefit of IaaS is the ability to scale up and down quickly in response to your business’ demands. As an IaaS provider, Continuity Centers can offer your business robust storage, servers, and networking technology to accommodate your needs. This on-demand scalability provides added flexibility and greater agility to respond to changing opportunities and requirements. 

If you need a powerful disaster recovery solution, look no further. While every enterprise has some type of disaster recovery plan, the technology behind those plans is often expensive and unwieldy. Organizations with several disparate locations often have different disaster recovery and business continuity plans and technologies, making management virtually impossible. Choosing an MSP to handle infrastructure needs helps ensure your disaster recovery plan is fully functional and implementable across all each of your business locations. 

If disaster strikes, employees can access the same infrastructure they have always accessed via an Internet connection, from wherever they happen to be. This includes everything the organization needs to operate business as usual — email, web servers and critical applications. The result: quick recovery with no loss of data.

Spend time doing what you enjoy. Time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure is time not spent on growing the business. By moving infrastructure to a service-based model, organizations can focus their time and resources where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions.

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