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Things to Think About When Placing Your Data on Cloud Backup: From Size to Security

Cloud backup is becoming increasingly used by businesses now based on its affordability and safer method of retrieval for the era of big data. Nevertheless, businesses still have to think about a few things and whether it’s appropriate or if you need to seek out alternatives. Be sure to ponder these considerations as a way of looking toward the potentials of what could happen later.

Making Sure There’s Enough Storage Space for Expansive Data

Your business data may not fall under the title of “big data” yet, though that might not be the case down the road. If you depend on a cloud backup system, be sure enough storage space is available to tackle your more expansive data later. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you find that your cloud backup provider can’t handle a sudden influx of important information you need to save after becoming more successful.

Ultimately, it’s always better to go with a cloud backup service that provides unlimited storage.

Ensuring Security

Private data on your customers will be stored on your cloud backup system, and you have to be ensured that security is solid. Far too many cloud backup systems have agents managing data behind the scenes who can gain access to sensitive information. And there’s been instances where data has been compromised from those agents. Here at Continuity Centers, we want you to know that our cloud backup system has no agents for security peace of mind.

Consider How Many Times Backup Occurs

Some cloud backup companies may not back up all your data as often as you want. That’s why it’s important to know how often backups occur. Should your business suddenly lose all data, the most recent backup might be the most important. If that was missed, it’ll be gone forever unless you paid to have a backup of the backup.

At Continuity Centers, our cloud backup system allows you to control the backup whenever you want it. That’s something you won’t find in many other backup plans.

Saving Data from Multiple Platforms

With the advent of iPads, smartphones and tablet being integrated into business offices, it’s essential to find a way to back up information on those devices. Not all cloud backup services provide this ability. Continuity Centers allows backup with 40 different operating systems and is the only service that allows you to do that through one easy-to-use console from your office.

The Speed of Data Recovery

While this is really the most essential of what you need to know, you’re going to see wide variances when seeking out other cloud backup services. At Continuity Centers, we off instant recovery of your data, 24 hours, seven days a week. All you need to do is call us when you’ve lost your data. You won’t have any worry about waiting weeks or months to recover what you need right away.

Contact us to get started with our SecureVault Secure Private Cloud Backup service. Continuity Centers covers all aspects of securing data with comprehensive and affordable plans that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

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