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Reason to attend CPE Event No. 4: Networking and learning from peers

This is the second segment of a five-part series in which we countdown the reasons to attend the Fifth Annual Open House and CPE Event hosted by Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery.

To continue our countdown of the reasons why you should consider attending the Fifth Annual Open House and Contingency Planning Exchange Event, let’s talk about the value of networking and brainstorming with like-minded peers. As many business owners have likely already found out, learning from the mistakes and successes of others can be an excellent way to get the job done right the first time, and this might never be more true than in the case of risk management.

Business continuity and disaster recovery problems have plagued the private sector for decades, but plenty of lessons have been learned by victims to comprehensively educate a new leader on the best practices and potential errors involved in these strategies. As such, since many business leaders who are seeking knowledge regarding business continuity and disaster recovery will be at these two events, there will be plenty of opportunities to network.

The Gestalt idea that the whole can be different from the sum of its parts resonates a bit here, as like-minded individuals going through this type of educational experience can lead to stronger performances on individual bases. The Fifth Annual Open House and CPE will give participants opportunities to learn more about BC/DR best practices, common mistakes and other helpful information, as well as the experience of working alongside others through the complex concepts and materials therein.

As a note, there will be a networking component of this event to ensure participants get a chance to speak with one another, as well as the experts who will be guiding the lessons. All of this will combine to create a more advantageous experience for all involved. Considering the inherent and severe risks of not having a proper BC/DR plan in place, the networking portion and plethora of lessons to be learned will be valuable, to say the least.

Robust interactions
Between the opportunities to discuss matters with experts and networking with other participants, attendees will leave the separate Open House and CPE event with a far more robust understanding of everything BC/DR. This will put them in a better position to protect their companies from all types of threats, including natural disasters and unplanned, man-made downtime.

Check back soon for our No. 3 reason to attend!

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