Continuity Centers

Managing and Analyzing Disaster Recovery Plans

No business owner wants to think about trying to recover from a disaster.  Natural or man-made disasters are able to strike at a moment’s notice.  Preparing for such an event has become a standard part of doing business.  It’s important for every company to have a business continuity plan created and put in place.  It must also be as carefully analyzed as well as effectively managed.


A company’s data can be severely damaged as a result of human failure or a disaster.  Having effective offsite backup systems in place can result in little or no interruption in business activity.  Designating a qualified person to handle the data restoration process is essential.  An offsite provider that can offer secure monitoring and support is best.  Rehearsing the restoration of data after an emergency can be a benefit.


In the event of an emergency people in a company need to be informed on the status of the business and exactly what is happening.  This will require having a person within the company who is capable of coordinating communications efforts.  Employees will want to know how their job has been affected and management will need to know how they will move forward.  Communicating during a disaster is essential and an important part of any plan.


In order for any disaster plan to work it’s important all employees and management know their part.  A plan should determine who will be responsible for critical functions as well as have a backup person designated.

Plan Management

Any type of business disaster plan needs to reflect the most recent changes in a company.  New employees, locations, systems and more will require it to be regularly reviewed and analyzed.  Frequent updating and practicing a disaster action plan can make it easier to follow in an emergency.

Offsite data recovery as well as proper business continuity planning can make the difference in an emergency situation.  We can help any business to be prepared for disaster recovery.  Contact us today and learn more.

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