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The Features of Instant Business Recovery

Our people differentiate us from other products and services. While technology changes and is replaced on a daily basis, our experience and delivery continues to build over time. The team at Continuity Centers will consistently impress you with their knowledge, drive, and focus.

Our instant business recovery (IBR) is made of several parts that complete the whole. Each part works together to deliver a solution that keeps your business up and running through anything.

They include:

Managed Restore IconFully Managed Backup

Lacking the technical resources to manage a mundane IT task? Don’t have 24×7 IT staff on-hand to fix backup jobs when they fail overnight? Our 24x7x365 monitoring and management ensures that your backups are always successful.

Managed Services Icon24/7 Managed Recovery Services

When disaster strikes, you’ll have your hands full. Let our experienced delivery team keep your organization up and running 24x7x365, no matter what, so that you can focus on running your business. Work with us to determine your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and we’ll handle the rest.

Appliance Obsolescence Protection IconAppliance Obsolescence Protection

As your organization grows, so will the size of both your data and your backups. The IT landscape is continuously changing, leaving you to find new products to fit your changing needs. Luckily, partnering with us means you’ll be eligible for free recovery appliance upgrades for as long as you remain a client.

Managed File Restores

Recovering lost data can be tedious and overly expensive. Regardless of whether you lost the data due to a virus, malware or human error, we can quickly restore your data from cloud backups. Don’t have time to run the restore? Reach out to us via phone or email, and leave the rest to us.  

Concierge Service IconContinuity Concierge Service

Our proactive and meticulous approach to client success is like no other in the industry. As an extension of your existing IT staff, we’ll provide solutions, support, and communication that extends beyond the walls of the data center. Led by certified and accredited Business Continuity Planning Professionals (CBCP), our team will work with yours throughout the year, ensuring that your ever-changing IT environment is properly protected and fully recoverable, regardless of the type of interruption you face. Our continual documentation, communication and recovery testing is your auditor’s dream.

Quarterly Recovery Exercise IconQuarterly Recovery Exercise

Our consistent and non-disruptive recovery exercises test the ability to recover each server and application in your environment. These tests provide invaluable insights for areas of improvement in your organization’s business continuity strategy, further strengthening your resilience. They also help you maintain compliance and easily pass audits.

Our Recovery Architecture

At Continuity Centers, we provide unified protection of all your data and systems. From regularly scheduled backups to real-time replication, we offer the solutions you need to keep your unique organization running, no matter what.

Local Backup IconLocal and Offsite Backup and Recovery

Never worry about downtime or data loss with your data securely backed up in multiple Tier III data centers. Our disk-based recovery appliances provide full recovery of your systems and applications, either locally at your office or offsite in our private cloud.

Virtual Standby IconVirtual Standby

If critical faults or malware ever shut down your systems, you can be switched to a live virtual machine with all of your data within moments. Our regularly scheduled full-system recovery tests let you rest easy knowing you’ll be working with the latest versions of your files and programs.

Incremental Backup IconBlock-level Incremental Backup

With block-level incremental backups, we efficiently store the changes made to your data since the last backup. With this unique method, we greatly decrease backup times while saving space and resources.

Replication Real-Time Replication

For mission critical applications running on Windows, Linux and iSeries/AS400, even a few moments of downtime can be catastrophic. We offer real-time replication and instant recovery, which virtually eliminates data loss and downtime.

Secure AES 256 Encryption

Our powerful encryption provides in-flight and at-rest protection for your data, offering the ultimate security against hackers and malware.

Global Source Side Deduplication IconGlobal Source-Side Deduplication

Duplicate files, messages and documents cause unnecessary strain on your network and can slow you down. With our global source-side deduplication, we save storage and bandwidth costs by removing duplicate entries from your backups, making them smaller and faster to send off site and restore from.

Object Level Restore IconObject-level Restore

Whether you’re looking for a specific email, an attachment, a contact, or even a calendar entry, you’ll have confidence knowing you have the flexibility to get it back without manually scouring local machines or archives.

Bare Metal Recover IconBare Metal Recovery (BMR)

Quickly restore your entire system, including OS, applications and data. Our BMR USB key allows effortless recovery to dissimilar hardware, either physical or virtual.

Instant Business Recovery for Your Business

Each and every feature of our IBR platform was designed to save your business from catastrophic events that could wipe your data out. You can work with peace of mind by knowing we’ve got your back through anything.

Interested in learning more about our instant business recovery solution? Let’s have a chat.

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