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Data Replication in a Cloud: Deciding Storage Location, Size and What Data You Need

Data replication is something to consider when a disaster comes calling and you lose all your data in your company’s main headquarters. With cloud technology making data replication so easy now, it’s worth the investment to act on any business continuity plan. What things do you have to think about, though, before committing to cloud-based data replication? Consider the aspects of storage location, the size of the storage, and whether some of your data is really worth replicating.

The Quality of Storage Available

You should always do your homework on the reliability of your cloud service, as well as where the location is. Here at Continuity Centers, we provide a server option that ensures that your data replication is constant. Our Instant Business Recovery system replicates your data in real time, every day, with instant availability when you need it through a LAN line.

The Amount of Data You Want to Replicate

Is it really necessary to replicate every morsel of your business data, or should you just replicate the most critical pieces? That’s something requiring analysis on your part in determining the cost of your data replication. Going through some lesser cloud servers, you might not be able to store everything you want based on those companies sharing their servers with dozens of others.

At Continuity Centers, be assured that we can handle large amounts of data if you need everything replicated. Our security through our PrivateVault cloud backup system also has a longstanding two-decade record of no breaches.

Testing to Make Sure Replicated Data Works

When deciding on cloud storage, you have to consider whether some of the data you’re replicating will still work later when you need it. In some cases, that could involve applications within certain data that helps in communicating with other businesses. Any consideration of cloud data replication has to demand periodic testing in order to make sure everything will work during critical moments when it’s mandatory.

Contact us and we’ll show you our commitment to testing and the assurance that we’re the only cloud backup system allowing for instant recovery. Serving companies across North America, let Continuity Centers be your only choice for successful data replication without your business having to worry about hassles.

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