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5 reasons to outsource BC/DR functions

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3 hidden benefits of disaster recovery as a service

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DRJ Spring World 2016 fast approaching

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Add a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for 2016

It’s imperative that every business, of every size, has a disaster plan – and the consequences are steep if the plan is ignored. Many small operations do not reopen after a disaster, especially those without plans in place. … Read More

Business continuity and disaster recovery are possible for an SMB

Before enlisting help, a company needs to make sure it understands where its vulnerabilities lie. … Read More

Keep business continuity on the front burner

Once a business has a plan in place, the tendency is to think of the issue as solved, and not go back to reexamine their practices and procedures again. This is a mistake, a good business continuity and disaster recovery plan needs to constantly be looked at and tweaked in order to make sure it continues to cover a business in the best way possible. … Read More

How to create a business continuity plan

The right kind of plan can protect a small business from major disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes as well as smaller issues like server crashes or computer viruses. It can even help cover contingencies for what to do if a key employee is sick or leaves the company. … Read More

Long-term considerations for DR strategies

Disaster recovery best practices have evolved significantly in the past few years, driven by the rapid transformation of business technologies, risk and the globalization of economic competition. … Read More

Four Star Survives Sandy

Learn firsthand from Louis Caravella, Vice President & Partner at Four Star, how after Hurricane Irene they decided to put a disaster recovery plan in place with Continuity Centers. They were not only impressed with the location of Continuity Center’s … Read More

4 ways to improve recovery point objectives

Mapping out a disaster recovery plan is no simple task, and at the enterprise level, the countless applications and databases that must be restored in an interruption scenario can pose a challenge to even the most experienced tech teams. For … Read More

Disaster recovery demands security and compliance

Organizations tend to focus on the obvious, visible components of their disaster recovery plans – and for good reason. Facilitating strong recovery point and time objectives, prioritizing application restorations and creating reliable archive systems are practical efforts that actively bolster … Read More

Shadow IT: What it means for disaster recovery

Every now and then, the IT world gives rise to a trend that disrupts convention and rewrites the rule book across the entire digital landscape. Perhaps the most significant disrupter to recently sweep this arena is shadow IT, a movement … Read More