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Business Continuity and the New Advent of Consistent Testing to Avert Mistakes

Business continuity should be a part of every business’s to-do list in analyzing and preparing backup of all their data. And while many companies are starting to do that or risk being called crazy, what about the reassurance in making sure those backups are going to work well when it matters? A newer call is out there for those in charge of business continuity to start testing how that backup manifests the saved data. And it doesn’t mean doing just one test.

The Recommendation of Regular Testing reminds us that testing should always be done when dealing with business continuity plans. In the instance of data backup systems, they may not always be considered reliable, especially if you’re using one on-site. This isn’t to say that a manager shouldn’t take a day out to contact their backup service and make sure that everything will work when it’s necessary. As well, it might mean testing the backup to the backup, which could take extra time a manager doesn’t have.

So just how many times should there be a test of your backup? The consensus in the above editorial seems to say that testing weekly is the only way to ensure a complete peace of mind. What happens, though, if you decide to take on a superior cloud-based backup service?

The Advantage of Off-Site Backup

Here at Continuity Centers, we provide a superior off-site data protection service that’s always available to you 24 hours, seven days a week. Our SecureVault private cloud backup has been tested and given an official certificate for highest security by the U.S. federal government. We give you an advantage by using a durable cloud-based system that automatically updates as soon as you create new data.

We also save you worry about having to test on a regular basis as you would with lesser services. Our systems are tested on a regular basis to make sure that your replicated data will be ready to function when you absolutely need it.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves in being a leader in assuring customers that we don’t have to test patience with in-person testing. The true test is you being able to call us at any time to instantly retrieve critical data without missing recent updates.

If you’re still using questionable on-site backup tools or going through another continuity company that doesn’t assure testing, contact us so we can show you why we’re a proven leader. Continuity Centers understands the power of the cloud and in always keeping an open pipeline to our clients for questions or concerns.

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