Workplace Recovery

Global Workplace Recovery – Keep your business running within any of our thousands of locations across the globe – Guaranteed.

Dedicated and Shared Workplace Recovery Sites ensure you’ll always have a place to continue business operations. Our workgroup recovery and alternative site solutions are designed to fit your needs, not the other way around.

For instant, dependable support, our Workgroup Shared facilities offer the complete package of convenience, comfort and quality. As part of your recovery solution, simply call in and our fully equipped PC workstations are all yours.

Seeking a bit more privacy for your continuity needs? Workgroup Dedicated provides just that – productivity suites built, optimized and maintained for your specialized business requirements.

What if your entire staff isn’t able to safely access a specified recovery space? Our Workgroup Anywhere strategy is built with that exact scenario in mind, dispersing continuity facilities across the globe to limit travel and transit hazards. Workgroup Anywhere is the ultimate on-the-fly continuity solution. No matter when or where you need them, our team is ready to provide the assets necessary for you to move forward during any type of business interruption.

Workgroup Shared

In the event that your office is unavailable, a full-featured recovery workspace offers endless value. You need to provide staff members with the tools key to their mission-critical tasks. That’s exactly what you get with our Workgroup Shared solution. With a moment’s notice, your employees are back to work at one of our hot sites.

We provide everything from phones to printers to desktops with connection and everything else you may need to keep your business moving in the right direction. All of this equipment is backed by generators and supported by our state-of-the-art recovery solutions, so you never miss a beat.

Workgroup Dedicated

If your business needs a focused, custom-built environment to meet its recovery demands, our Workgroup Dedicated solution is prepared to bring that vision to life. We construct, optimize and maintain facilities in line with your exact specifications to ensure you have the ideal workspace readily available when obstacles are encountered.

We make the process a breeze on your end - just paint the picture of your ultimate productivity suite and we’ll handle everything else. From construction project management to zoning regulations and asset procurement, our experts take all the pressure off your shoulders and make your dream recovery facility a reality.

Workgroup Anywhere

Your employees won’t always be able to make it to the same recovery location. Inclement conditions can jeopardize travel arrangements and make it hazardous for your staff to get to a dedicated productivity zone. That’s where our Workgroup Diversified solutions come into play. 

We’ve prepared satellite recovery suites located throughout the nation that are ready to meet your continuity needs whenever necessary. Our workstations are complete with a wide range of business tools, giving your staff all it needs to stay productive. With us, you can make sure that no employee ever gets left behind when obstacles get in your way.

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