Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery

Instant Business Recovery (IBR)

Continuity Centers provides secure, affordable Managed Disaster Recovery Cloud Services for business continuity. Continuity Centers is the only company to offer Instant Business Recovery (IBR), a one-click full server recovery solution, providing fully managed Cloud Recovery for:

  •      VMware / XenServer virtual severs
  •      Windows / Unix / Linux / AS400 / iSeries
  •      Physical servers
  •      Cloud Hosted servers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Azure
  •      SQL / Exchange Email / SharePoint / File Servers / Active Directory
  •      Real-time replication and/or nightly backups and hourly snapshots

Full Infrastructure Recovery: The Continuity Centers recovery cloud protects your entire infrastructure, providing remote connectivity such as VPN, Citrix and Remote Desktop Services.

Full Server Recovery: Offsite backup of servers includes the operating system, applications, patches and data. Scheduled quarterly recovery tests ensure that your servers are always recoverable and accessible to your users.

Fully Managed Recovery Solution: Continuity Centers 24/7 NOCs ensure backups run successfully, so you can focus on your production environment.

Customized RPO and RTO: Our Unified Data Protection (UDP) and IBR real time replication provide full infrastructure recovery within your specified Recovery Time Objective (RTO), with data that matches your Recovery Point Objective (RPO), whether it's mission critical servers that need to be recovered within minutes or utility servers with 24 hour+ RTO. A scalable pricing structure matches each RTO with your budget.

Multiple Secure Data Centers: Backup data stored across multiple Tier III audited data centers, providing customized long term archiving, retention and protection from regional outages and malware attacks.

Whether experiencing a natural disaster or an accidental or intentional attack, your data and your business is protected and recoverable by Continuity Centers.

Tier III / SOC 2 Audited: Our IBR and UDP Cloud Recovery maintains full SOC 2 compliance with regularly scheduled audits, helping you achieve and maintain compliance with your clients' and financial institutions' security and resiliency requirements.

It’s fast and easy, but we don’t sacrifice precision for speed and simplicity - our 100% success rate speaks for itself. You’ll never have to worry about offsite backup again.


Instant Business Recovery (IBR) Portal

Total network control is a must-have in any continuity strategy, which is why we’ve consolidated recovery tools into a streamlined portal that can be accessed instantly. Simply click on the “Recover My Server” icon, and within as little as one hour, critical data and applications are at your fingertips once again. This not only simplifies your backup strategy, but also accelerates your recovery blueprint to meet the fast pace of the business world.

The portal also serves as a real-time control tower for your monitoring and reporting needs, providing system statuses and histories to be accessed and distributed at any time. This is an essential asset in enhancing transparency and accountability with audit functions, and adds an extra layer of support to your continuity strategy. Assured Recovery Testing is also available with one click, further ensuring the resilience of your mission-critical systems.

Fully Managed Protection and Recovery

In-house IT support is nearly always stretched thin these days. Your tech experts usually can’t take on the burden of managing recovery systems in addition to their daily responsibilities. Don’t overload your internal teams with unreasonable expectations.

Let us handle the heavy lifting when it comes to your backup and recovery needs. We offer 24/7 protection of your network, testing services and complete DR monitoring and management so you and your tech staff can focus on the projects that take your business to the next level.

High Availability and Replication

Measuring network availability is an essential benchmark of any recovery strategy’s effectiveness. We protect every aspect of your Windows and Linux systems, providing continuous, complete replication of your Operating System, business applications and data.

Our recovery solution is fast and accurate, ensuring your tech assets are back on track within an hour. We know that time is money - no one can risk waiting around to get back to business. Our availability standards deliver with speed and precision, regardless of your infrastructure’s scale and recovery preferences.

Assured Recovery

A recovery strategy isn’t a one-stop solution but a rigorous, ongoing process. We test the recoverability of your business critical systems on a regular basis to ensure they are fully recoverable at all times. Don’t worry about downtime - our tests are completely non-disruptive and will not impact your production systems in any way.

We perform both fully automated and scheduled recovery testing of all your protected systems, and provide On Demand Assured Recovery Testing via our IBR Portal. Need to provide report to management? We provide you with full reports on every test for your records, giving you complete insight into your systems for external auditing and internal IT purposes.

Virtual Standby On Premise, Off Premise and in the Continuity Centers Cloud

This element automatically converts your recovery points into Virtual Machines, ensuring the protection of your operating systems, applications and data. VM images are taken periodically and functionality is monitored at all times, so your IT blueprint is restored to its exact specifications when your systems go offline.

Virtual Standby servers are engineered to restore your data and settings quickly and reliably, whether you rely on the on-premise Recovery Appliance or in the Continuity Centers Cloud. These processes are fully automated and managed by Continuity Centers to help you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

SLA “Dial” for RPO/RTO

Determining your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) is a crucial aspect of any complete continuity strategy, and an essential measurement of service quality. Knowing how quickly and accurately your systems can be restored is a defining element of overall IT control. That’s exactly what we offer with our solutions.

At Continuity Centers, we make these processes intuitive and hassle-free, providing you with an SLA “Dial” that grants you complete command of your RTO/RPO requirements, with RPOs down to near zero and RTOs of less than an hour. Decide exactly how fast you need your data to be recovered and how current information must be against the time of the outage.

Application Aware & Agentless Virtual Backups

Sometimes a complete system restore is unnecessary - your employees may demand a specific resource and not require every other element of the system to be restored. This is where our granular recovery technique comes into play, letting you target applications and files rather than waiting for your entire system to recover.

Efficiency is a top priority when tailoring your company’s recovery strategy. A major component of this focus is our cutting-edge Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology that only accounts for actual changes to the VM’s virtual disks. This maximizes your hardware resources by focusing solely on elements new and distinct to the VM. With detailed retention schedules for daily, weekly, monthly and annual archives, we help tweak your recovery strategy to fit your business’ outlook.

CC Secure Unified Architecture

There’s no such thing as an overly secure network in an age defined by data breaches and other cyberhazards. Whether your data is at rest or in transit, we encrypt everything with 3DES and 256 Bit AES encryption at all times and transmit over Secure Virtual Private Networks (SVPN). We also provide virtual private network access for your remote locations and mobile workforce demands.

Full compliance with SOC 2 audited practices is our standard across the board, and you can rest assured that your recovery details are protected by datastore level encryption and per-session security tokens. That’s 360-degree security for all of your protected IT assets.

Source Side Global Deduplication

We seek to help you get the most out of your IT assets. Some backup solutions store far too many copies of your data in multiple locations, taking up unnecessary storage space and reducing network capacity. Deduplicating redundant information at the source and only replicating unique data ensures a minimal footprint on the network..

This method provides powerful advantages across the network, cutting down on wasted bandwidth, opening up storage for critical data and speeding up recovery processes for when you need them most. Performance is crucial to successfully meeting your continuity demands – source side deduplication trims the fat and provides a much-needed boost.

Tape Archive with Data Protection Lifecycle Management

Have older data lying around that may be useful down the line? Our tape archive helps you ensure those files are never left by the wayside. Whether you’re looking to satisfy compliance regulations or simply keep a more organized history of your data, we enable a fully protected lifecycle for all of the information you require.

You never know when you may need to reach into the past to grab a critical piece of data - we make sure your files  are ready to spring into action at your command.

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