Business Continuity

It’s impossible to know what kinds of challenges you may face in this unpredictable landscape. We’ve developed recovery solutions for every aspect of the modern workplace ecosystem. Our business solutions don’t leave anything in the abstract – we’re talking about the tangible tools and resources that drive productivity and keep your company making headway.

Whether you need backup power sources, additional fuel supplies or a generator to keep the lights on, we’ve got your back for any and all energy shortcomings you may encounter. We give you the turn-key resources that bridge the gap between you and your continuity goals, no matter what obstacles need to be overcome.

We’ve also thought ahead when it comes to connectivity, a crucial point of business continuity. Our communications services let you redirect phone calls to alternative locations, set up secondary contact information and keep the flow of voice and data in motion despite any forces that try to slow it down.

As for physical systems, we deliver a range of key deliverables to your door at any time – servers, PCs, printers and more. eMonify systems ensure your workforce always remains in the loop on alerts, notifications and other critical information to spring into action.


A reliable source of energy and expert support are core continuity requirements for every business on earth. Don’t have a generator readily available during an outage? We’ll ensure you get the power you need to keep the lights on regardless of the challenges you face.

That’s right - forget about the headaches of backup logistics, systems delivery and the other details of energy assurance. Our experts have it all figured out so you can focus on the task at hand. We know that you’ve got your priorities in order. Our power services help them stay that way.


No continuity strategy is complete without dependable connections to the Internet and telecommunications resources. These tools are critical for any company to stay in stride with digital expectations. We’ve thought through the full spectrum of connectivity requirements that you’ll need to meet in a challenging scenario.

We recover your voice and data services, working with you to customize a solution specific to your network. Whether you need to forward calls to a satellite location, bring your Internet connection back online or set up a full-featured contact center on the fly, we have the technology and expertise to make it happen fast.


In any outage situation, we bring PCs, servers, printers, phones and even furniture to anywhere you need - standard offices, makeshift work zones and everywhere in between. With distribution outlets dispersed across North America, you can rely on us to deliver the assets that keep your business buzzing when your competition is lights-out.


Recovery-critical situations don’t always give you time to think. In these high-pressure scenarios you need to know that your workforce will be made aware of the circumstances and can take action with confidence. Our eMonify mass notification solution instantly alerts personnel with the information they need to execute their own continuity responsibilities. Internal communication is essential when time is tight - we keep everyone in the loop so you can navigate your business around the obstacles that lie ahead.

Besides vital announcements and commands, eMonify features a total voicemail recovery component that adds an extra layer of communications support when you need it most. Clarity is key in a crisis, and eMonify ensures that not a single wire gets crossed in your effort to regain complete control of your business.

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